What if I need my building next week instead of next month?

Sometimes we put on extra people, it never hurts to ask.

How do I prepare the ground for the shed/barn?

If it is level already you don't have to do anything. We recommend road base gravel especially if it is not level to start with. All you need to prepare the site is to put down about 2 to 4” of road base gravel (5/8" minus) over filter cloth about 2' wider and longer than your building. 

Do I need a cement pad?

It's not required, as the building comes on pressure treated skids and a solid 2x6 and OSB floor. However,  if you want the very best that's how to do it!

Can you custom build a shed that looks different from those in your gallery?

Yes we can, if you can describe it or send a picture, we can usually do it!

What if I want to change something after my building is ordered?

Changes can be made right up to the day we actually construct your shed.

What if my gate is too narrow to get my building through?

We are able to construct buildings on site.

How long does it take to construct my building on site?

It depends on the size of course. 8x12 and smaller, less than three hours. Our record for a 12x20 tall barn was five hours. We prebuild all we can in the shop to minimize actual construction time at your site

Why does it cost more when you construct on site?

Because it takes two or three guys out of the shop and interrupts production. 

Does my shed need to be anchored to the ground?

Up to 50 mph winds, no worries. Above that, yes it would be a good idea. First thing if it is an open sided horse shelter, make sure the opening is away from the prevailing winds. Several ways to do this, for horse shelters, simple metal T posts on all four corners will work. Or you can use chain and cement anchors.  For storage buildings it is only necessary in very windy areas.

How can I do anchor my shed to the ground?

You can use anything from steel fence posts, or rebar. Or if your building is on cement, you can use cement anchor bolts.

For horse shelters ...post holes at each corner..attach chains to the building ...drop them into the holes and fill with cement.

What are my shingle color options?

We use mostly Pabco shingles, so anything they supply.

Will my building be mouse proof?

If it must be mouse proof we recommend a steel security door. There is no other place a mouse can get in except the door. If we use our shop doors there is almost no chance of a mouse getting in, but to be absolutely sure, go with the security door.

What if I want to insulate it myself later?

That is no problem. The stud spacing’s are standard for fiberglass bats. We do however recommend that we insulate the floor if you ever plan do the rest yourself. Everything else can be done later but the floor needs to be done as we build, as it would be very difficult to do later. We charge $2.00 per Sq. Ft. to do the floor.

How many sheds have you built?

We do about 150 buildings per year and have buildings in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho.

What is the ordering process?

Either email or call. We will fill out an order sheet. Answer any questions you have. We need all the details such as size, style, paint colors, if you want us to paint it, delivery address, options etc. When we have the down payment the building is ordered.

When do I pay for my Miller Barn?

We ask for 50% down when you order, and the rest when we deliver.

What about warranty?

We fix anything for at least a year. If something goes wrong ever give us a call. So far, it has been shingles blowing off, or doors needing adjustment. We will fix it.

Will you take payments?

We now work with RTO National..... a rent to own , no credit check company. Some restrictions apply... such as it can't be built on-site.